Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The ruins at Fort Shirley.

The view from Fort Shirley...a panorama of Prince Rupert Bay.
The grounds outside of Fort Shirley. This picture doesn't look like it was taken in Dominica. Not the typical landscape you see here.
Looking inside the entrance to Fort Shirley. The fort is located on Cabrits National Park, about 10 minutes from our home.
A massive silk cotton tree. A lot of Caribbean people have superstitions associated with this type of tree.
A picture of what is left of the officer's quarters. Some of the fort's stone ruins have been partially reconstructed, others are somewhat hidden by the trees.
Old cannons lying on the ground.
A lot of work must have gone into building this fort. A combination of volcanic rock and stone were used in its construction.
More ruins. Fort Shirley is not the only thing found on Cabrits National Park. The island's largest swamp can be found here too.
Another view of the officer's quarters.
Looking through one of the windows towards Prince Rupert Bay and the town of Portsmouth.


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous CalleBelle-Rudy dawgs said...

The pictures are just great! We miss you letting us out every day! Rudy has been so sad since you left! He has no one to jog with!!!

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Tim Waugh said...

Hey Daniel and Katie.
I was such a surprise to see you guys at St. Mary's CS. Good to see that you are both healthy and happy and enjoying your time in the islands.
We got around 4 inches of snow the night before last. It was really our first snow of the season. Long overdue.
Take care,


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