Thursday, June 29, 2006

Treece and Allison visit Dominica.

Treece and Allison came to visit for about a week. One of the places they were able to see was Chaudiere Pool.
Ava really likes to stand on people's laps, as you can see here with Treece.
Treece and Allison really enjoyed Ava.
Here are Katie, Cathy, Allison and Ava. This was right before all the girls worked out. Allison gave them a little aerobics class.
We hiked to Middleham Falls and then went to Titou Gorge with Treece and Allison.
Allison stands in the cave near the waterfall before jumping in.
Jamie also went on the hike and did a few perfect dives like this one.
When we arrived at the falls we saw a famous Dominican guide known as Peter Green jumping into the pool below. He has been in several different magazines and newspapers that advertise Dominica. He took some people from a cruise ship here. At least they got some entertainment for their money.
Peter Green shows Jamie and Daniel where to jump from. You can see all three of us in the top right corner.
Jamie jumps into the pool. He thought about it, but didn't dive from this high up.
Daniel jumped from the same spot as well. Peter Green definitely had the best form, don't you think?
Katie still had classes to go to while Treece and Allison were here, but she was able to spend some time with them.
We had a "departure party" for Treece and Allison. It was so nice to have our friends visit us.


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Brenda said...

I bet you guys really enjoy the time with your old friends. I'm glad you get visitors. What a great reason to go visit old friends... ahhh paradise....
I think you all are nuts jumping from that high into the water!


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