Sunday, February 12, 2006

Family visits...Trafalgar/Indian River.

The parents that came and visited Dominica...Debbie and Doug, Cathy and Bill, and Glen and Cindy.
The kids... Daniel and Katie, Jacque and Wes, and Jimmy.
Our Indian River guide, Mosquito. They all have nicknames. Who knows how he got this one.
A typical Indian River boat that takes people down the river. They are all rowboats. No motorized boats are allowed on the river.
This is what the river looks like. Really swampy, but pretty in its own way.
Look for these types of trees and roots in the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Filming took place right on this river.
Mosquito called these strangler roots. The crew for the Pirates of the Caribbean built a shack that they used in the movie in a nearby cove.
Elephant ear leaves. These were everywhere you looked and some were very big.
Daniel and Mosquito.
Katie, holding a gift from Mosquito. Mosquito made these for both Katie and Debbie. Look at the detail on both the bird and the fish. Very cool.
Doug, Debbie, Katie, and Daniel relaxing on the steps near the river bar.
One last picture before we got back into the boat and headed back towards the Caribbean Sea.


At 2:20 AM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Wow, everything is just breathtaking! I love the grass origami(?) that is really cool! I couln't get on that website for some reason, so I'm glad you took pictures of the trees.


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