Thursday, November 02, 2006

Secret Waterfall Beach.

French for Secret Waterfall Beach. This is a place on Dominica that you won't find in any guide books. Not many people have seen this beach, Dominicans included. This beach is located on the southeastern side of the island on the Atlantic Ocean.
Daniel and Jamie brought along Jamie's surfboard. It was fairly difficult getting the surfboard down to the beach.
A shot looking towards the interior of the island. Dominica is absolutely beautiful.
The trail starts out fairly easy, but then it begins to get steep. Ropes were tied alongside the trail to help you down.
Daniel tied the surfboard to his waist while Jamie guided it down. Who knows what we were thinking?
Down at the bottom. This area was rocky, but just up ahead was a very nice beach. You can see the tiny waterfall right behind Daniel.
A close-up view of the waterfall that spills directly into the Atlantic Ocean, where freshwater meets saltwater.
Jamie and Daniel tried surfing the waves, but the waves made it very challenging.
Another view of Secret Waterfall. Not many people see this due to the climb that it takes to get down to this spot.
Jamie begins to head back up the trail. It was his turn to carry the surfboard back up the trail.
A lizard that we saw along the trail.


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