Friday, September 23, 2005

More of the rainforest.

Wes and Jacque got the best seats on the tram, right up front. The tram operated somewhat like a ski lift.
We weren't able to walk across the suspension bridge shown here. It would have be fun, but they were working on it.
This is taken from the tram showing the deep ravine that the suspension bridge went across.
A waterfall running down the ravine.
Another view of the ravine. This was the widest area of the ravine.
Daniel enjoying the ride. The tram moved slower than a Powderhorn ski lift. Is that even possible?
Morne Trois Pitons, the second tallest point on the island, was covered by clouds.
The tallest tree of the rainforest. These are the trees that the Carib Indians use to make their canoes.
Some Dominican children on the tram waving at us.


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