Monday, October 24, 2005

The Atlantic side of Dominica.

A baby palm tree growing out of a coconut. The beaches on this side of the island are beautiful.
This particular beach is called Woodford Hill Beach. It is about a 30 minute drive from our house.
Daniel standing in the Atlantic Ocean. The water on this side is a little colder than the Caribbean Sea, but it is still fairly warm.
Most of the time, you have the beach all to yourself.
You don't see waves like this on the Caribbean Sea.
Some of the filming for the Pirates of the Caribbean occurred near these places.


At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guys! what a beautiful place.I am so happy for you both of you. katie you are doing a great job on every one's hair. looks like you are having a good time. and studing hard. take care, your friend shellie.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

katie you can email me at


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