Saturday, October 08, 2005

Life in the Caribbean.

Katie, at the market in Roseau, buying some vegetables.
Swimming in a sea of kleenex and sick as a dog, Katie studies for her first test. Her allergies have been bothering her.
Going out to eat. Katie and Jacque walking towards the restaurant.
Katie at the Portsmouth Beach Hotel Restaurant. We go out to eat about once a week. Most students eat out every single night.
Daniel near the restaurant. Daniel is getting certified in scuba diving and has done a couple of dives close to where this picture was taken.
This is the ice cream truck. It comes through our village about once a week. We might be their best customers.
Don and Neville with some fish that they caught. They called these fish swordfish. Wonder where Don got his Utah Jazz shirt.
Don and Neville with their friends. Daniel drove them up into the mountains where they tried to catch crabs.
No, the water isn't this color from washing all our dishes. It looks dirty because the water turns brown after a hard rain.


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Les Hendrix said...

Daniel and Katie, Irie Mon. It was really nice to meet both of you, God bless on your new endeavor :-) Great Pix. Will have to read the blogs after I get some sleep. I have a picture of Daniel and Megan after you both made your certification dive over at Cabrits. How do I email it to you? Hope you post the pix from Sisters. Also, do you have any pix of the campus? Got home tonight with a bunch of great pix of the island, but none of the school. And my neighbor asks, so what does the school look like? Doh!
Lester (just snorkeling)

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous emily maxwell said...

hi guys! i have no idea if this "comment" will work; we'll see. i'm not sure if i have to be a "blogger" or what?! anyways, we were SO happy to have received dan's phone call a few weeks ago - and even more excited to hear about your wonderful news!!!!! congratulations dan and katie. we're so happy for you both. katie, you are looking beauitful - the glow of pregnancy? :) don't worry dan, some of the glow is rubbing off on you, too. :) do you guys have an email? i love looking at your site - the pictures and captions are great! all is well here. keep up the studying katie, but also enjoy your pregnancy (as i am sure you are!). we miss you guys - emily maxwell (and ben and miles)


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