Friday, September 23, 2005

More of the Aerial Tram ride.

Keenan, our guide. He hadn't attended a college or university, but he was very smart. We learned a lot from him.
Peering through the rainforest. Birds could be heard but not to many were seen.
A path leading through the rainforest. We didn't do any hiking today, but they did have several different trails to go on.
Look at the roots on this tree. It is no wonder that they can grow so tall since they are anchored so well into the ground.
We were at the base of the rainforest in this picture. It was fairly dark here because the forest was so dense.
Leaves of plants on the forest floor grow very large to absorb what little sunlight the forest floor receives.
A hut made from the trees in the forest.
It was hard to see the ground in some areas because the forest was so thick.
Nothing but green.


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