Sunday, February 12, 2006

Views from our house and other places.

Taken right outside our front door. Rainbows are common due to all the rain.
Looking towards Morne Aux Diables from the balcony at our new apartment. We moved closer to the school which has been much nicer for all of us. Instead of being a 15 minute drive from the school, we are now only a 10 minute walk away.
A rainbow over Prince Rupert Bay taken from our apartment building.
Water flowing down and through the rocks near Trafalgar falls.
Another beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea. This, and the next picture, were taken from the Fort Young Hotel.
It has definitely been cruise ship season. Lately, it seems like every day is a cruise ship day in Roseau.
This is a picture of Daniel's broken toe. He stubbed it on the couch. The mark on the big toe happened a while ago on the Boiling Lake hike.
The signs that you see here are sometimes out of the ordinary, but this one is just strange.


At 2:16 AM, Anonymous Brenda said...

These new pix are beautiful! I was getting a little anxious for more! What a funny sign! The toes look painful Daniel.Thanks for allowing us to be part of your world again!


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