Thursday, November 02, 2006

A trip to Barbados.

We flew to Barbados for a short vacation and really had a good time. Barbados was totally different than Dominica.
We went downtown to Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. We did some shopping and bought some food items that you can't get in Dominica. Ava didn't get to see much of Bridgetown because she was sleeping.
We also went to the market and saw some things that we hadn't seen in a while, like these plums that Daniel is holding.
Katie and Ava take a break after all the shopping.
A picture of our car that we rented. These tiny cars were very common here in Barbados.
We drove around the island to explore Barbados. The roads here were in much better shape than the roads in Dominica, and more numerous.
Katie sits on an old well that we saw when we pulled over to look at our map.
This nice man pulled over and asked where we wanted to go. He told us to follow him and he took us right to the place. Nice.


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