Thursday, November 02, 2006

Going home to Colorado.

Ava was just as excited to be going home as we were. She was fascinated with the airplane.
It looks like Ava will be requesting a window seat from now on.
Katie and Ava in the Denver International Airport after a long day of traveling.
Ava met Grandma and Grandpa Sturgeon for the very first time.
Ava also got to meet all of her cousins on the Sturgeon side as well.
Katie and Ava enjoying the afternoon.
Kaitlyn loved holding Ava.
A nice picture of Ava and Grandma Sturgeon.
Ava with her Great Grandma Sturgeon.
Ava is happy no matter what she is doing.
Ava met all of Katie's work friend's kids. To Ava's right is Brooke, and to her left is Leah and Vincent.
Vincent shared his jumper toy with Ava.
Ava mingles with Grandma and Grandpa Sturgeon and Uncle Aaron after Wes and Jacque's wedding.
Ava with her Mom and Jacque at Wes and Jacque's wedding reception.
Wes and Jacque's wedding was a lot of fun. Congratulations you two.


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