Thursday, November 02, 2006

Morne Diablotin (take 2).

We hiked Morne Diablotin with Jamie and Cathy and had some excellent views. Here you can see Cabrits and the town of Portsmouth.
Jamie, Daniel, and Katie take a break. This time around, we barely had any rain. We still managed to get fairly muddy though.
Another excellent view towards the north of the island.
About an hour into the hike and still having a great time.
Katie stands in front of all the roots that we had to climb through.
This picture gives you an idea of what the hike is like. There is a trail, but trees and roots have overtaken the path.
Jamie and Cathy, about 3 hours into the hike.
Looking up toward the peak of Morne Diablotin. Morne Diablotin means Devil's Mountain.
Daniel and Katie on the top of Morne Diablotin. We were glad that we had a clear day. When Jamie and Daniel hiked it, they couldn't see anything.
From the peak, we had nice views in all directions. We could even see the airport towards the Atlantic Ocean.
We all made it to the top. The total hiking time was a little over 7 hours. We were the highest people in Dominica:).


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