Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dominica's Carnival.

As the sun set, the partying began. Dominica celebrates Carnival at the end of February.
The town of Portsmouth was lively with almost all Dominicans joining in on the festivities.
Loud music, dancing, and many costumes. Some people even had Halloween costumes on.
The people in the costumes would follow a truck with huge speakers on the back and dance to the music. It was very crowded.
Even our old neighbors out in the village of Toucarie were there. It was good to see Andrew, Curtis, and Brenton.
A blurry, but neat picture of some old boats taken on the walk back home from Carnival.


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Did you guys get out there and dance with your costumes on?????


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