Thursday, November 02, 2006

Emerald Pool/Spanny Falls.

This is the Emerald Pool, probably the most popular and most visited place on Dominica. Cruise ship visitors come here all the time.
Land crabs can be seen wherever you go along the water. This one is ready for action.
This is Spanny Falls. There are actually two separate waterfalls within 10 minutes of each other. This is the first one.
Here Jamie is climbing up the steep trail to the next waterfall.
There were ropes along the way to act as handrailings for the steep trail.
Here is the second waterfall at Spanny Falls. The two waterfalls are almost identical in appearance.
We hiked up to the gorge of the second waterfall.
Jamie hangs on to the wall in the gorge. For having a waterfall several feet away, the water her was very calm.
Daniel stands next to the dropoff where the water begins to fall.
This picture is taken from the top of the waterfall looking down. It was neat to see the waterfall from this viewpoint.
Daniel jumps in the river to cool off.


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