Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pictures from Grandparents.

Ava got to see her Grandma and Grandpa Jones again in Dominica. All of the following pictures are from their cameras.
We all celebrated Katie's birthday when Doug and Debbie visited.
Ava is fed by her Grandma Jones for dinner.
Debbie bought some things for Ava to wear when we would be home for Christmas.
Jacque also came to visit Wes for the fourth semester banquet. Here Katie and Jacque are on a hike to Syndicate Falls.
Katie and Ava stand in front of Syndicate Falls.
Ava loves to be with her Grammy.
Ava tries a taste of the black sand.

Definitely a beach baby.
Katie and Ava were all ready to go to Katie's banquet.

Doug captured a nice picture of the sunset in this picture.


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