Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Victoria Falls.

Here is Victoria Falls. It is quite possibly the prettiest fall on the island. Middleham Falls and Victoria Falls are definitely the two favorites. Finding this waterfall took some work. There weren't any signs pointing you in the right direction on the main road. We had to try a few different roads until we found the right one.
Jamie took this as we drove down this road. It was actually some guy's property, and he wanted us to pay him 10 dollars for being there.
This was the only sign and it was at the start of the trail. Even this sign is a bit confusing.
Looking downstream at our first crossing of the White River. It is called the White River because the water looks cloudy, or white because its source is the Boiling Lake.
Jamie took this picture of Daniel at our second river crossing. We had to cross the river a number of times.
There actually was one more sign. This one was carved into some bamboo.
As we got closer to the falls, the river got narrower and we had to start climbing over rocks. You had to make your own trail.
Our first look at Victoria Falls. We still had a lot of climbing to do before we got to the base of the fall.
Jamie took this great shot of Daniel pointing to the falls. This picture shows how vast and open the area really was.
Daniel and Jamie standing at the base of Victoria Falls.
The color of the water allowed for some excellent pictures.
Jamie shows us how to jump from the rocks into the water.
Daniel can only attempt to look as good as Jamie.


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Wow, I love seeing these pics! Is the water very warm since it's source is boiling lake? I can't believe how huge the fall actually is.You boys be careful now! It's gorgeous there, you lucky dogs!


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