Thursday, April 13, 2006

A day trip to Les Saintes.

The catamaran that took us to Les Saintes. Les Saintes is an island near Guadeloupe, about 17 miles from Dominica.
Daniel did not captain the boat, though he wished he could.
The pointed rock is named Capucin after the Capucin monks who were once here, and wore hats that were a similar shape.
Getting closer to our destination. Katie didn't get sea sick on the boat ride there.
Les Saintes. It is a French island full of scooters, narrow roads, delicious breads and wines, and fantastic ice cream.
Sailboats in the bay near the island.
The town square. It was kind of a culture shock to go from Dominica to a French island.
Katie stands near the one and only traffic light on the island. The roads here were very narrow and almost everyone owned a scooter rather than a car.
Lunch here was fantastic, and pretty reasonably priced. The currency on Les Saintes was the Euro.
After lunch, we walked to a nearby beach too relax. Here, Daniel sits on an old fishing boat.
Katie, at the beach. The water was as clear here as it is in Dominica. Big starfishes could be seen close to shore.
Goodbye Les Saintes. We had an excellent time even though we only stayed for the day. It was a nice break from Dominica.
Heading back home to Dominica, which is usually covered in clouds as you can see here.
A beautiful sunset to end our day. Thankfully, Katie didn't go into labor while on the boat. The ride home was pretty rough.


At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

How fun that must have been! Katie, you sure are a go-getter! I can't believe how much you did in your last days of your pregnancy! What a gal! Did you guys know that the word cappuccino came from the word Capucin? Because the coffee is the same color as the monk's robes. There, now you have a little coffee trivia! These pictures are great, thanks for sharing.


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