Thursday, April 13, 2006

Diving Pictures.

Dominica is said to be one of the top 5 dive spots in the world. This picture was taken in Toucarie Bay where we used to live.
Cathy, Jamie, Kevin, and Daniel heading to the next dive site. Jamie's friend, Kevin, came down to visit.
Here Daniel gets ready to submerge at Scott's Head. Scott's Head reaches depths of around 150 feet.
Jamie and Daniel on their descent to the sea floor. Kevin had an underwater housing for his digital camera and got all of these great underwater pictures.
Daniel gives the thumbs up.
Daniel works on his bouyancy at 60 feet.
These trumpet fish are very common here and you are bound to see them whenever you are in the water.
At the bottom-left of the picture, you can see a sea turtle. Sea turtles come to nest here in Dominica. Taken at Scott's Head.
These fish are hiding underneath this rock and are about as red as the coral seen here.
A spotted drumfish can be seen in the center of the picture.
Some schooling fish.
The colors of the coral are so vivid and bright.
A pufferfish minus the puff.
Moray eels often get caught in the fisherman's traps on the sea floor.
Some of the barrel corals that you see here could fit a person in them.
Another excellent shot of the unspoiled reef found here in Dominica.


At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Remember when we talked about underwater pictures? I'm so glad you posted these! They are awesome!! Wow, the colors are so rich! You have the best "job"! Keep sending these great pictures!


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