Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Pictures.

The view from the Chaudiere Pool trailhead shows Dominica's highest peak.
Katie cools off at a place Jamie and Daniel call "Little Chaudiere".
Getting closer to the due date.
One of the last pictures taken before Katie gave birth to Ava.
The soccer team that Daniel plays on. Playing soccer again has been fun.
The trespassing salamander that Katie discovered in our bathroom. Don't worry, we were very humane in how we dealt with it.
Kind of an interesting way to transport boxes. And they were empty to top it off. Wouldn't it be easier to break them down?
An old picture from the Boiling Lake hike that Jamie took of Daniel's muddy shoe that slipped right off.
Jamie swings from a homemade trapeze.
Daniel and Alicia on one of the Middleham Falls hikes.
Jamie and Daniel climb to their jumping spot.
Jamie does a perfect swan dive into the Middleham Falls pool.
With Kevin's waterproof digital camera, we were able to get some good shots from inside Titou Gorge.
Daniel and Jamie walk along the Gorge's ledge wall. Titou Gorge will be seen in the Pirates' movie.
Daniel, Alicia, and Kevin take a break near the waterfall in the Gorge.
Daniel does a backflip into the cold water.


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Random pictures... random comments:
1. Katie, do you miss your tummy?
2. Daniel, you look like you belong
on that soccer team!
3. So, what DID you do with that
salamander? Did you eat it????
4. Did you forget how to break
down boxes? You've been away
from CS too long!
5. Daniel, I think you need to eat!
You are too skinny!

At 3:51 PM, Anonymous brenda said...

Hey Daniel,
I watched a Chuck Norris movie the other night and thought of you! Hope all is well in paradise!


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