Saturday, February 10, 2007


The morning that we left all the snow and headed for Miami, Florida.
Katie and Ava were ready to go. It took us 3 full days of driving to make it to Florida.
Somewhere between Denver and Kansas, we stopped for lunch. The food was actually pretty good at Biscuits.
A few pictures of our new apartment. We are renting an apartment in downtown Miami and we are really enjoying it.
It is a two bedroom apartment so now Ava has her own room. Yeah!
Ava has plenty to explore.

Ava's bedroom.

One thing that we didn't have in Dominica is a bathtub. I don't know who is happier about that, Ava or her Mom.

Katie got this picture of Ava doing a pull-up on the chair. She actually slipped underneath it, but it could pass as a pull-up.

Ava loves the dishwasher. We feel spoiled having one since we didn't have one in Dominica. Ava never loads it, but she likes to unload it.
Ava's fake teeth.
Ava's real teeth.


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