Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leaving Dominica and heading home to Colorado.

Before leaving Dominica, we said our goodbyes. Here is our friend Yoriko, with her daughter, Neo.
Here Katie and Ava are with our good friends Rachel and Teri.
We'll miss seeing all of the rainbows in Dominica.
Katie and Ava on the plane leaving Dominica. Katie was officially done with her first two years of medical school.
One last look at Dominica. We couldn't believe how fast our 16 months on the island had gone. We will miss it.
Due to all the snow in Colorado, we were unable to fly into Denver. We stayed in Atlanta with our friend Filippo for the night.
The next morning, Filippo took us on a motorcycle ride. Katie had to borrow Daniel's pants and shoes for her ride.
All ready to go.
Coming from a hot and humid climate to a cold and dry climate took some time to adjust to. It was nice to see all of the beautiful snow.
Since we couldn't fly into Denver, we flew to Salt Lake. These pictures were taken near Salt Lake City.


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