Saturday, February 10, 2007

Last days in Dominica.

Our dual citizen. Ava received her US passport from the Embassy in Barbados just in time to go back to the US and couldn't be happier. Here she is holding both her US and Dominica passports.
Our Turkey Day was spent with friends. None of us cooked. We ordered dinner from a local restaurant.
Daniel and Katie ran in a 5K race that started at the school and ended at Cabrits.
Dave, a friend from Colorado, was our last visitor in Dominica. Dave was able to do his scuba certification while he visited.
Ava and Mom walk along the beach. Ava absolutely loves the water.
Daniel isn't as coordinated as the Dominicans. They carry any type of load on their heads, including laundry, propane tanks, bamboo, bananas, etc.
Future doctor? Ava gets some studying in as well. We thought this picture was hilarious.
Katie took these pictures of Ava. Those are Wes' glasses.
Ava loves her new "Babies of the Caribbean" tank top.
Ava is still small enough to sit in the laundry basket.

Ava loves reading her books after her baths.
Ava really likes for her Mom to read her Peekaboo books.

A guaranteed way for Ava to fall asleep is to take her on a walk in her backpack. She is out like a light.
A local banana shack with the Lord's Prayer on it. This shack was in the middle of nowhere off a muddy dirt road, but it was really neat.
This bug hung out on our front porch for a couple days. Never found out what it was though.


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