Thursday, April 13, 2006

Freshwater Lake/Boeri Lake.

Freshwater Lake and surrounding area.
Daniel went along again with the spouse's group to hike to these two lakes.
Boeri Lake was done first and was a fairly easy hike the whole way.
All the other spouses that Daniel gets to hang out with.
Almost to Boeri Lake. The views from the trail were fantastic.
Boeri Lake. This lake is the highest lake in Dominica. The water was nice and cool and felt great to swim in.
On the hike back from Boeri Lake, we had nice views of Freshwater Lake.
On the trail that goes around Freshwater Lake. They could have given it a better name, don't you think?
Daniel with Teri, Alicia, and Kertsi.
You can see the trail going along the ridgeline. This trail went around the whole lake and was very steep, but really neat.
Looking towards the south of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.
One last look at Freshwater Lake. The views here were some of the best in Dominica.
Our driver and guide, Theo, showed us how to do a temporary tattoo with a certain type of leaf.


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Beautiful pictures! That tattoo is cool! So Daniel, how does it feel to be surrounded by so many pretty girls?????


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