Saturday, July 01, 2006

Baby Ava...

Ava will be 3 months old on July 2nd. She is doing very well and cannot wait to see everyone when we are home in August. The first pictures you see are the most recent.

Ava is starting to interact quite a bit. She has been reaching out to touch and grab her toys.

She usually doesn't like diaper changes. This time was different.
Ava likes to suck on everything, except a pacifier.
Ava is now in cloth diapers. Due to all of the rain that we have been having, we had to hang her diapers in our room. Now, she has a lot to look at.

Ava shows off her cloth diapers.

Ava likes to stand up whenever given the chance.

Katie tied some of Ava's toys to a hanger. At this point, she was just looking at them, not touching them.
Ava likes it when Mom reads to her. It almost looks like Ava is reading the book herself though.

We generate a lot more laundry now with Ava. She likes to help out when she can.

Ava lounges at the beach.

More of Ava...

It's baby Moses, no it's baby Ava. She really enjoys being in the water with her Mom.
An excellent picture of Katie with her daughter at the beach.
Most of her clothes didn't fit her the first month or so.

Ava really likes looking at Mr. Turtle.

Another happy diaper change.
Ava slept while Dad brought in all the groceries.

Ava really likes her soccer ball.

Round 2 of the Glory Cedar. It cures the diaper rash like a charm.

Ava and Mom after a bath.
Ava in her Easter dress. Katie had to pin the back straps so it would fit her.