Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ava Erin Sturgeon.

Ava Erin Sturgeon was born on Sunday, April 2nd, 2006. She weighed 2.8 kilograms (6 pounds, 3 ounces) and was 49 centimeters (19.1 inches) in length. She was born at 5:06 PM. She is a healthy and beautiful little girl. We thank God for this wonderful blessing. We hope that you enjoy all of her pictures.

Pictures from the hospital.

Katie, at the hospital in Portsmouth, talking to her mom, letting her know that Ava would be here soon. The nurse hooked Katie up to this IV to prevent her from getting dehydrated. It was a good thing, because the hospital was so hot. The air conditioning wasn't working.
Instead of Daniel driving, the ambulance picked us up and took us to the hospital in Roseau. It was free of charge, which was great. They got us to Roseau in about 40 minutes, a trip that usually takes around an hour. Daniel got car sick, and we were wondering who the patient really was.
The newest mother in Dominica holding Ava after the birth. Katie did amazing during the labor and delivery and without any pain medication.
God blessed us with a very healthy baby.
The newest father in Dominica and the newest member of the white-ies of the Caribbean. We imagine there aren't too many white babies born here in Dominica. Must be why we had a lot of curious nurses checking in on us.
A beautiful baby to go along with a beautiful mother.
Ava was so alert and attentive.
Katie kisses her new daughter.
Daniel holds Ava before going to bed. Our first night with Ava went so well. She sleeps really well.
Katie, burping Ava. Look at Ava's perfect little head.
Ava slept with her friend, Mr. Lamb.
She did a lot of sleeping the first couple of days.
Ava, before being swaddled. We are still working on our swaddling techniques.
Ava grabs ahold of Dad's finger.
Dad loves his little girl.
More of Ava sleeping. She just looks so cute.
We are blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy girl.
Our hospital bill came to a total of $308 EC. That is about $115 US. That's the way all health care should be.
Ava is all buckled in and ready to go home.

Ava at home.

Ava's first night at home and in her own bed. It was so nice to be back home. The spouse's group surprised us with taking care of our dinners for a week after we had gotten home. It was so helpful and we truly appreciated it. Everyone has been so generous and helpful here.
Katie gives Ava a bath in the kitchen sink.
She seemed to not mind it at all.
Ava didn't like being dried off though.
Another picture of Ava after another bath.
She doesn't seem to like her swing all that much. Maybe in a little while.
Mom files Ava's small, but sharp fingernails.
My, what long fingers I have.
Ava's mittens kept falling off, so we used some of her socks to keep her from scratching her face.
Ava and Dad at Douglas Bay.
Both Ava and Mom really enjoyed being at the beach.

Ava seems to be a celebrity at the school.

Freshwater Lake/Boeri Lake.

Freshwater Lake and surrounding area.
Daniel went along again with the spouse's group to hike to these two lakes.
Boeri Lake was done first and was a fairly easy hike the whole way.
All the other spouses that Daniel gets to hang out with.
Almost to Boeri Lake. The views from the trail were fantastic.
Boeri Lake. This lake is the highest lake in Dominica. The water was nice and cool and felt great to swim in.
On the hike back from Boeri Lake, we had nice views of Freshwater Lake.
On the trail that goes around Freshwater Lake. They could have given it a better name, don't you think?
Daniel with Teri, Alicia, and Kertsi.
You can see the trail going along the ridgeline. This trail went around the whole lake and was very steep, but really neat.
Looking towards the south of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.
One last look at Freshwater Lake. The views here were some of the best in Dominica.
Our driver and guide, Theo, showed us how to do a temporary tattoo with a certain type of leaf.

Diving Pictures.

Dominica is said to be one of the top 5 dive spots in the world. This picture was taken in Toucarie Bay where we used to live.
Cathy, Jamie, Kevin, and Daniel heading to the next dive site. Jamie's friend, Kevin, came down to visit.
Here Daniel gets ready to submerge at Scott's Head. Scott's Head reaches depths of around 150 feet.
Jamie and Daniel on their descent to the sea floor. Kevin had an underwater housing for his digital camera and got all of these great underwater pictures.
Daniel gives the thumbs up.
Daniel works on his bouyancy at 60 feet.
These trumpet fish are very common here and you are bound to see them whenever you are in the water.
At the bottom-left of the picture, you can see a sea turtle. Sea turtles come to nest here in Dominica. Taken at Scott's Head.
These fish are hiding underneath this rock and are about as red as the coral seen here.
A spotted drumfish can be seen in the center of the picture.
Some schooling fish.
The colors of the coral are so vivid and bright.
A pufferfish minus the puff.
Moray eels often get caught in the fisherman's traps on the sea floor.
Some of the barrel corals that you see here could fit a person in them.
Another excellent shot of the unspoiled reef found here in Dominica.