Sunday, February 12, 2006

Views from our house and other places.

Taken right outside our front door. Rainbows are common due to all the rain.
Looking towards Morne Aux Diables from the balcony at our new apartment. We moved closer to the school which has been much nicer for all of us. Instead of being a 15 minute drive from the school, we are now only a 10 minute walk away.
A rainbow over Prince Rupert Bay taken from our apartment building.
Water flowing down and through the rocks near Trafalgar falls.
Another beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea. This, and the next picture, were taken from the Fort Young Hotel.
It has definitely been cruise ship season. Lately, it seems like every day is a cruise ship day in Roseau.
This is a picture of Daniel's broken toe. He stubbed it on the couch. The mark on the big toe happened a while ago on the Boiling Lake hike.
The signs that you see here are sometimes out of the ordinary, but this one is just strange.

What you have all been waiting for...

Still small, but looking very good.
Stress free and pregnant. Here is Katie after she has finished her 1st semester of medical school.
This was taken while we were in Colorado for Christmas break. This is when Katie really began to grow.
One of the most recent pregnancy pictures of Katie. Doesn't she look great? She is at 30+ weeks now.

Michael and Melinda's visit.

Our friends, Michael and Melinda, from Grand Junction, Colorado stopped in Dominica while on their cruise. It was so good to see them.
We had a limited amount of time, so we took them to Trafalgar Falls, which is fairly close, making it popular with the cruise ship people.
Here is a nice picture of Michael and Melinda standing in front of Trafalgar Falls.
It rained a little on us, so it made these rocks really slippery. Katie waited for all of us at the bottom so she wouldn't fall.
Katie and Melinda taking a break on our little hike.
We also took Michael and Melinda to Scott's Head. Here, we are standing near some of the ruins of the old fort that was once here.

Family visits...Trafalgar/Indian River.

The parents that came and visited Dominica...Debbie and Doug, Cathy and Bill, and Glen and Cindy.
The kids... Daniel and Katie, Jacque and Wes, and Jimmy.
Our Indian River guide, Mosquito. They all have nicknames. Who knows how he got this one.
A typical Indian River boat that takes people down the river. They are all rowboats. No motorized boats are allowed on the river.
This is what the river looks like. Really swampy, but pretty in its own way.
Look for these types of trees and roots in the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Filming took place right on this river.
Mosquito called these strangler roots. The crew for the Pirates of the Caribbean built a shack that they used in the movie in a nearby cove.
Elephant ear leaves. These were everywhere you looked and some were very big.
Daniel and Mosquito.
Katie, holding a gift from Mosquito. Mosquito made these for both Katie and Debbie. Look at the detail on both the bird and the fish. Very cool.
Doug, Debbie, Katie, and Daniel relaxing on the steps near the river bar.
One last picture before we got back into the boat and headed back towards the Caribbean Sea.

Pirates in Dominica.

If you go to the following website... ...and click on the third photo, you will see the shack that the Pirates crew built on the Indian River. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is set to come out on July 7, 2006.

Family visits...Cabrits National Park.

We all hiked to this point which overlooked the sea. The view wasn't the greatest due to the overgrown vegetation, but the cannon was neat to see.
Along the way, you could see termite nests like this one. There must be thousands of termites in there...probably more.
Somebody has some money. It's not every day that you see a yacht with its own helicopter. This could be seen from the fort.

Heading home to Colorado.

Katie was very excited to be heading home to see our family and friends.
The very short runway. Planes can only land during the day since there are no lighted runways at the airport.
Right after take-off, we were able to see the beautiful Atlantic coast. We had to overnight in Chicago, where it was 11 degrees Fahrenheit. We were freezing when we got off the plane since we weren't used to the cold weather. Then again, I don't think anyone ever gets used to it when it is that cold.
It was nice, however, to see the snow and to feel the cold. Unfortunately, there wasn't any time for snowboarding.
Taco Bell is the first fast food that we ate. We had gone 4 months without eating fast food. Unhealthy, but very good.
Daniel had to get used to the steering wheel being on the left and driving on the right hand side of the road.
We missed the snowy and rugged Colorado mountains.
Our nephews, Isaiah and Jacob, and niece, Kaitlyn, opening their Christmas presents.
Our nephews, Luke and Blake, hugging...or is that wrestling?
It was nice to be home in Colorado for Christmas and to see everyone. And most of all, Katie could relax without having to study.

The end of the 1st semester.

Where should I start? Katie, with everything in front of her that she needed to know for her 1st semester final exam.
Katie poses for a picture after jogging.
Daniel and Katie went hiking with their friends, Jamie and Cathy, after their final exams.
Daniel and Katie sitting in front of Middleham Falls. This was Daniel's second time to Middleham, but it was Katie's first. Katie really enjoyed the hike.
Daniel, at the market. This was our last shopping trip to the market before we headed home for Christmas break.