Saturday, November 04, 2006

7 months old already.

Time has been flying by. Ava is now 7 months old and is so much fun. She is such a happy baby and is looking forward to coming back home for her first Christmas. Enjoy her pictures.
Ava just recently started to crawl. Mainly army-style, but she's getting there.
She has been getting into everything. We haven't quite baby-proofed our place yet.
No teeth yet.
If nuns wore pink, Ava would pass as one.
Ava loves to suck on Mom's purse.
Ava sits in her little booster chair. Katie continues to breastfeed mainly, but Ava has tried foods such as green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, applesauce, and some other foods.
Ava walks all over the place in her little walker. She pushed the screen door open and thought it was the greatest thing ever.
Here she is trying to break out of the apartment.
Bath time. She loves the kitchen sink.

More of Ava.

Ava likes all the new food she is getting to try. Here she is trying some ground up pumpkin that Mom fixed for her.

Ava feeds from the bottle when Katie is gone and has been holding her own bottle since she was about 4 months old.
Dinnertime. We grind up rice for Ava and boil it and that is what she usually has for dinner.

Ava has started to stand in her crib while holding on to the sides. Her legs are really strong.
Ava wears her cool sunglasses that her Mom bought for her.
Ava is all clean and ready for bed.

Ava sometimes prefers to suck on the opposite side of the pacifier while holding on to the nipple.
This is Ava's friend Kaja. The walker that Ava is in was Kaja's.

Misc. Pictures.

Katie celebrated her 25th birthday on November 3rd. Jamie and Cathy made this Happy Birthday sign for her.
Daniel had a party for Katie. They had the day off of school because it is also the day that Dominica become independent from France and Britain.
It was nice that she had the day off, but it was spent studying for her upcoming test.
Cathy took this picture of Daniel swinging from a rope that was tied to a tall palm tree at Purple Turtle Beach.
Rainbows are almost a daily occurence here in Dominica.
We went hiking on the Syndicate Nature Trail in search of parrots with our friends Alicia, John, and Cathy.
Here are some of the people that are involved with Ross Christian Fellowship, the church that we attend on campus.
Sunset photos...

Katie stands near the trail down to Chaudiere Pool, with Morne Diablotin in the background.
This was Ava's second time at Chaudiere Pool. Daniel has lost count on how many times he has been here. It is a great spot.
A certain type of hawk was spotted right outside our door on the palm branches.
The moths are fairly big here and have neat designs on them.
What the river looks like near our apartment after a hard rain.

Our second trip to Barbados.

We had to go to the US Embassy to apply for Ava's Passport and to report her birth abroad. She will soon be an official US citizen.
Dominica doesn't have an Embassy, so we had to go to Barbados. These are the steps down to the beach at the place we stayed at.
You don't see these types of beaches in Dominica.
A private beach near our hotel. Daniel and Ava walked along the coast in the morning and discovered it.
Ava thought this tree was interesting.
A family picture after breakfast.
Coming back to Dominica. In the center of the photograph is the airport. Landing in Dominica is always an adventure.

Beach day.

Ava loves being in the water with her Mommy.
Jamie and Cathy joined us for our beach day with Ava.
Who do you think is whiter?
Ava was the only one that went skinny dipping.
A nice family photo at sunset.