Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colorado snow pics husband, the snowboarder. I've never seen a better snowboarder in person.
David, Daniel's twin. It's no surprise he's awesome at snowboarding too.
Ava and Nate sledding in Colorado. Ava adores Nate.
Greg posing with the kids in front of Bob's garage. It's next to the cottage where we used to live and where Ava came to be.
A close up of the hat Susan made. I always giggle when Greg wears it.

Quite a workout.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Christmas in Colorado

Sledding with Grammy.

Grammy and Me.
On the the tricycle from Great Sheep Grandma and Grandpa.
With Grandma Sturgeon.
With the Sturgeon cousins.

Our growing girl

Up close and beautiful.

The Park. There's a nice park nearby. Ava will climb up the stairs and go down the biggest slide all by herself. She's got guts. Here she's running around having a great time.

Looking adorable at sin city airport.
With the snake at Las Vegas airport. There was also a scorpion and a lizard. It kept her occupied while we waited for the flight.