Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some pictures of us.

Katie studying. Day and night, she studies.
Here is Daniel working on the website... outofwork pirates, how you like so far?
Here is Daniel with Don and Neville, some local kids. Looks like we have found some boyfriends for Katie's sisters.
Wes getting his hair cut by Katie. At least none of us have to spend money on haircuts. They were quizzing each other during the haircut.
Can you quess what Katie and Wes are doing? That's right, studying.
Since Daniel didn't bring his guitar down here, he has resorted to playing the broom. Regardless of the picture, he hasn't gone crazy yet.

Village people.

Steven, our washer repair man. We imagine that we will keep him busy. Not because of all our laundry, but because our washer is very old.
Don and his friend Neville. Don lives in Toucarie, but Neville lives in a nearby village.
Curtis and Andrew. They caught an iguana and were showing it off to us. The iguana did not look happy.
Kerry and Don. These two kids are some of the nicest in our village.
Don playing marbles on the veranda. All of these people come and visit us every now and then.
Kubuli. This is what the villagers drink here. It is brewed in Dominica and its name is short for Waitikubuli, the original Carib name for Dominica. Waitikubuli means "tall is her body", which refers to the tall mountains here on the island.

Pictures taken from Ross University.

Here is Cabrits National Park. Fort Shirley was built here mostly by the British to defend against the French.
The ruins of Fort Shirley, which was abandoned in 1854, can still be seen at Cabrits. We live around this point.
Here we are at a barbecue at the school. Katie looks happy about something. Maybe its because Daniel didn't cook tonight.
We stayed long enough to see the sun going down on the Caribbean Sea.
Sunsets are beautiful here. Time for Katie and Wes to start studying.

Getting more packages.

Daniel had to drive to Canefield Airport to get these packages. If we are lucky, the packages are sent to Ross University.
All of these pictures were taken along the way to get our packages. Here are some local Dominicans playing dominoes at the airport.
The longest river in Dominica, the Layou River, emptying into the Caribbean Sea.
A sea of palm trees.
A soccer (sometimes called football here) field by the sea. This would be a neat place to have a soccer game.
Cruise ships usually arrive on Tuesdays, and the capital city gets really busy. This particular ship was a Carnival Destiny cruise ship.

Daniel's bike ride pictures.

The start of the ride. Our driveway and rock wall. All of these rocks were taken from the beach and hauled up here.
Daniel went to the end of the road that runs through our village. Banana trees can be seen on the roadsides.
After our village, there are three more villages and then the road dead ends. On a clear day, you can see the island of Guadeloupe very well.
Guadeloupe through the trees. It was a nice day for a bike ride, though very hot. Click on the picture for a clearer view.
Here is Guadeloupe again taken from the shore before the village of Capucin.
This is what a lot of the roads look like, cutting through the thick forest. Daniel had to get off his bike and walk several times due to the steep hills.

Don't crush the crabs.

The crabs down here are big. This particular one we saw on a tree near our trail down to the beach.
There are signs like these along the roads. When driving at night, you usually come across some crabs crossing the road.
This crab is trying to climb up Wes and Jacque's screen door to get to the roof. We can sometimes hear the crabs on our roof.
Here is a close-up of the previous picture. Wes has found a new friend. It took Wes some work to get this crab off of his screen door.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rainforest Aerial Tram Pictures.

A beautiful shot of one of the tallest mountains on Dominica. The sign at the entrance read, "nature lovers welcome".
Here is Katie on the trail down to the Rainforest Aerial Tram. We had to drive way up into the mountains to get here on very steep roads.
Daniel waiting to load into the tram.
Katie poses for a picture as Wes and Jacque wait in line to get on the tram. It rains a lot here, but today we didn't even have to put on our raincoats.
Katie and Wes look at a map of Dominica. These maps are all over the island and are made by a guy named Tony who lives in our village.

More of the Aerial Tram ride.

Keenan, our guide. He hadn't attended a college or university, but he was very smart. We learned a lot from him.
Peering through the rainforest. Birds could be heard but not to many were seen.
A path leading through the rainforest. We didn't do any hiking today, but they did have several different trails to go on.
Look at the roots on this tree. It is no wonder that they can grow so tall since they are anchored so well into the ground.
We were at the base of the rainforest in this picture. It was fairly dark here because the forest was so dense.
Leaves of plants on the forest floor grow very large to absorb what little sunlight the forest floor receives.
A hut made from the trees in the forest.
It was hard to see the ground in some areas because the forest was so thick.
Nothing but green.

More of the rainforest.

Wes and Jacque got the best seats on the tram, right up front. The tram operated somewhat like a ski lift.
We weren't able to walk across the suspension bridge shown here. It would have be fun, but they were working on it.
This is taken from the tram showing the deep ravine that the suspension bridge went across.
A waterfall running down the ravine.
Another view of the ravine. This was the widest area of the ravine.
Daniel enjoying the ride. The tram moved slower than a Powderhorn ski lift. Is that even possible?
Morne Trois Pitons, the second tallest point on the island, was covered by clouds.
The tallest tree of the rainforest. These are the trees that the Carib Indians use to make their canoes.
Some Dominican children on the tram waving at us.