Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sari-Sari Falls...take two.

Daniel and Jamie took a trip out to Sari-Sari Falls and Victoria Falls. At the trailhead to Sari-Sari Falls, we met Yannick.
It isn't rare to see this clear of water. Both waterfalls are found on the southeast corner of Dominica, about a 2 hour drive away.
We saw the same goats along the way as the last time that we were here. They let us get really close to them for some pictures.
Yannick sits by a rock that he carved his name into. He said that he sometimes is a guide for tourists who come here.
Daniel and Yannick stand in front of Sari-Sari Falls. We still had a little ways to go.
Daniel checks out the water before jumping.
Daniel, jumping into the pool at the base of the waterfall.
Jamie and Yannick take a break on the way back from the falls.

Victoria Falls.

Here is Victoria Falls. It is quite possibly the prettiest fall on the island. Middleham Falls and Victoria Falls are definitely the two favorites. Finding this waterfall took some work. There weren't any signs pointing you in the right direction on the main road. We had to try a few different roads until we found the right one.
Jamie took this as we drove down this road. It was actually some guy's property, and he wanted us to pay him 10 dollars for being there.
This was the only sign and it was at the start of the trail. Even this sign is a bit confusing.
Looking downstream at our first crossing of the White River. It is called the White River because the water looks cloudy, or white because its source is the Boiling Lake.
Jamie took this picture of Daniel at our second river crossing. We had to cross the river a number of times.
There actually was one more sign. This one was carved into some bamboo.
As we got closer to the falls, the river got narrower and we had to start climbing over rocks. You had to make your own trail.
Our first look at Victoria Falls. We still had a lot of climbing to do before we got to the base of the fall.
Jamie took this great shot of Daniel pointing to the falls. This picture shows how vast and open the area really was.
Daniel and Jamie standing at the base of Victoria Falls.
The color of the water allowed for some excellent pictures.
Jamie shows us how to jump from the rocks into the water.
Daniel can only attempt to look as good as Jamie.

Dominica's Carnival.

As the sun set, the partying began. Dominica celebrates Carnival at the end of February.
The town of Portsmouth was lively with almost all Dominicans joining in on the festivities.
Loud music, dancing, and many costumes. Some people even had Halloween costumes on.
The people in the costumes would follow a truck with huge speakers on the back and dance to the music. It was very crowded.
Even our old neighbors out in the village of Toucarie were there. It was good to see Andrew, Curtis, and Brenton.
A blurry, but neat picture of some old boats taken on the walk back home from Carnival.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Katie's baby shower.

All of the girls that came to the shower. Spouses were invited too, but the only guy that showed up was Daniel, the one taking the picture.
A diaper "cake" was among one of the many presents that we received at the shower.
Here we are before the baby shower got under way.
Everyone loved the diaper "cake".
The girls take pictures of the other cake, the one you could eat.
This cake was made by Julie, one of the spouses.
Katie opens presents while Cathy writes down what we received.
Katie and her friend Heena.
The 2nd semester students. All of these girls are in Katie's class.

St. Lucia trip...pre-baby vacation.

Katie had a four day weekend due to Dominica's Carnival, so we took advantage of it and went to St. Lucia for a few days.
We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called Club St. Lucia. It was an older resort, but still nice. This is the beach at Club St. Lucia.
Our flight was at 6:55 AM, so we were pretty tired. The flight was only about 30 minutes, so after we had breakfast, Katie took a nap.
There were several swimming pools at the resort, and the pools were far more occupied than the beach.
Katie joined in on the water aerobics.
More water aerobics. Two of the three guys who led the class can be seen on the side of the pool.
We were lucky to get one last trip in by ourselves before we officially become parents.
Here is Katie at Smuggler's Cove. This was a short walk from the resort and is popular among St. Lucians.
We love ping-pong. We thought it was neat that they had a table for people to play.
Bye St. Lucia. We had tons of fun and were not ready to go back to Dominica, especially Katie.

Aerial shots of the islands.

Another shot of St. Lucia as we were leaving. You can see the airport's runway to the left.
Martinique is the French island that is between St. Lucia and Dominica.
Much more developed than Dominica. And probably not near as poor.
Farmland on the northern coast of Martinique.
The first view of Dominica on our flight home. Scott's Head is far left, and Grand Bay is directly in the middle of the photo.
Some of the remote areas of the eastern coast. Kind of reminds you of Jurassic Park with the steep mountains in the background.
The East Coast Highway. This shows you how windy and steep some of the roads can be in Dominica.
That's not a private airport, that is Melville Hall, the major airport. The whole runway almost fits in the picture.
Getting ready to land at Melville Hall. Dominica is so green.