Thursday, June 29, 2006

Treece and Allison visit Dominica.

Treece and Allison came to visit for about a week. One of the places they were able to see was Chaudiere Pool.
Ava really likes to stand on people's laps, as you can see here with Treece.
Treece and Allison really enjoyed Ava.
Here are Katie, Cathy, Allison and Ava. This was right before all the girls worked out. Allison gave them a little aerobics class.
We hiked to Middleham Falls and then went to Titou Gorge with Treece and Allison.
Allison stands in the cave near the waterfall before jumping in.
Jamie also went on the hike and did a few perfect dives like this one.
When we arrived at the falls we saw a famous Dominican guide known as Peter Green jumping into the pool below. He has been in several different magazines and newspapers that advertise Dominica. He took some people from a cruise ship here. At least they got some entertainment for their money.
Peter Green shows Jamie and Daniel where to jump from. You can see all three of us in the top right corner.
Jamie jumps into the pool. He thought about it, but didn't dive from this high up.
Daniel jumped from the same spot as well. Peter Green definitely had the best form, don't you think?
Katie still had classes to go to while Treece and Allison were here, but she was able to spend some time with them.
We had a "departure party" for Treece and Allison. It was so nice to have our friends visit us.

Steve, Ronda, Rebecca, and Shannon.

The plane that Steve, Ronda, and the girls got off of in Dominica is the one that Treece and Allison got on to go back home.
These first four pictures were taken at Fort Shirley. This was one of the places that Steve, Ronda, Rebecca, and Shannon got to see. They also took a trip down the Indian River, went on a drive over Morne Aux Diables, were able to see where the 16th century church was built for the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the girls favorite, were able to spend plenty of time at the beach.
Here are Rebecca and Shannon standing on one of the walls at Fort Shirley.
Rebecca stands by an old water pump. It was a very hot day. Too bad this pump doesn't produce water anymore.
The area where the Pirates church was built.
Rhonda, Rebecca, and Shannon did some exploring near the filming site. This area is on the Atlantic coast where the waves are very rough.
The grassy area is where the Pirate's church was built. It was torn down though because the owner of the land wanted more money from Disney.
Now, instead of being a tourist site, cows graze on this land. It is a shame that the church was torn down by the owner of the land.
A nice picture of Shannon with the windswept vegetation in the background. Look for this scenery around the church in the movie.
A nice picture of Steve and Ava walking along Coconut Beach. Ronda, Rebecca, and Shannon made several tie-dye onesies for Ava that everyone loved.
Steve shows off his grandbaby to some of the locals. Dominicans think that it is neat that Ava was born here.
Steve, Katie, and Ava get a picture in just before sunset.
Katie's sisters try to get in some last minute snorkeling before it got too dark. Almost every evening was spent at the beach.
Some of the locals playing football. It is rarely called soccer here.
Shannon, having a grand old time.
Ronda, Rebecca, and Shannon enjoying the beach as the sun goes down. The old barge that can be seen behind them is full of fish life.
Everybody was able to spend some time with Ava. Ronda, holding Ava.
Shannon, holding Ava.
Rebecca, holding Ava. The girls looked very comfortable holding our little daughter.

Mother and daughter.

Katie and Ava love being with each other. Here are some pictures taken one right after the other. Ava was in a great mood.

Katie's first Mother's Day.

We went to the beach on Mother's Day and Ava got to enjoy her little floaty.
It started to rain on us, but as long as Ava was covered by the umbrella, she didn't seem to mind.
Daniel took Katie to a place called Sunset Bay for dinner.
Here we are after dinner getting ready to drive back home. Sunset Bay is about a 30 minute drive from our house.

Daniel's birthday.

Ava helped her dad celebrate his birthday.
We had the party at Jamie and Cathy's place. Several of our friends came. Here are John and Alicia with Daniel and Ava.
Katie and Ava like making faces at each other.
You can tell Ava was having a good time.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Doug and Debbie's Visit/Jungle Bay.

Ava was a little over 2 weeks old when Doug and Debbie came to visit. Debbie and Ava became good friends.
Doug holds Ava on their first night in Dominica.
We all went snorkeling at Toucarie, except for Ava.
On our way to Jungle Bay, we stopped at the "It's nice to be nice" stand to try some free tropical fruit and other things.
Our room at Jungle Bay. This is located on the south eastern corner of Dominica, about a 2 hour drive away.
Another view of our room. We wanted to go to another island with Doug and Debbie, but we couldn't get Ava's passport in time.
Ava wakes up from a nap in a good mood.
Ava had some diaper rash, so we tried a Dominican remedy. It is made up of the leaves of a tree called Glory Cedar. A lady at Jungle Bay's Restaurant made it for us. It cleared up Ava's diaper rash very quickly.
Although we couldn't get off the island, it felt like we were on a different one being at Jungle Bay. Here is Katie in the pool.
On our way home from Jungle Bay, we headed over to Scott's Head to do more snorkeling.
Doug and Debbie hold their new grandbaby.